lets wave the wand here alittle alright .

get over the looks .
im all about the brains actually.

i really wish that your smart, spontaneous, poise with words.

what i can say is that every single day, either texting or calling, its like the same old routine where i sometimes would just put my phone away from my ears.
the way that you talk, your draging your words. and i dont know if you find that cute or something but its not.
idk if i should say this but i feel like im dating some child.


i wish that your smart, where every single day is like the first day. where there is always something where i can learn from you. i dont know if thats going to happen but i dont think its ever going to happen. your stuck in your own box for years now.

i wish that your spontaneous. but i guess you cant. you want me to wait? for how long?
i want to star gaze with someone in the middle of the night. i want to have supper at some random small joints eating place at 2am. i want to take a trip down the border for a day. i want to have a good time watching movies and such. window shop. without thinking of being slapped or die of boredom.

i dont see what you see in the enjoyment of like walking together and keeping quite. at times, peace and quite is good but i never recall a time where going to town your a bundle of energy.

the sad part . my mum is influencing me every single day about Mrs Fields.

can you please wake up and do something about yourself and dont be a typical GIRL!

i dont need a girl in my life, i need a Woman.
get that in mind, and please dont pretend to know stuff where you actually dont -.-
major turn off.


~ by khaicalypse on January 3, 2012.

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