its just a dream right ?


i dreamt of something on this date, making me into a deep sleep for like 12hrs without studding up from sleep.

a day out with the usual group i guess?

yan syah nazri and together with mard and min.
they brought their girls too, there Wanyy and Soldier Bunny and 2 other girls whom i never seen before

seems like it happen like perhaps ending of this year or something.
yan with his R1, still
syah with his r6, still
nazri with his ski boat, goodness with that p – plate
mard with rizla drz, its gooooood ~
amin with a plain just bought drz, its gooooood ~

everyone met at Seah Im carpark and seems like everyone is going to USS.
and well i was the last to reach, as usual but i wasnt alone, i was with Mrs Fields.

and seems like its not a shocking sight to them as they reacted normal and such. goodness ~

we make our way to the mini island, sentosa and everyone was fly.
seems like money wasnt an issue for everyone but its good money spent over good times.

seems like i was the one snapping pictures with my new Cannon Eos
and the model for the day was actually Mrs fields. she was, i would say, really pretty.

a black mini dress with a vintage leggings and heels.
she look like she’s going to a club. muahaha
as for me, im in doc mart with a Nudie Ripped padded knee jeans and edhardy long sleeves with ray bans of course.

its a small place indeed USS. nothing near to the one in Los Angeles but having a good time with good and lovely people solves the whole issue.
rides were everywhere. we took them all. we watch all the shows available.

after which, we had dinner over at Tiffany’s Cafe in Mandarin Oriental. its fly indeed. International buffet which cost 40bucks per person. but its all good.
the best part, our helmets make us look cheap and oh yes, not to forget, i was riding Baby Rebecca (:

after dinner its time over Gardens by the bay. where we just goof around and Naz has to leave with fellow girl.

soon enough Sya has to go to and so does min.

leave me mard yan.
where to next?

pool down at east coast.

when 3 of us meet, its more like big boys talk. most of the time its serious talk. but a good one.

after which, its sending the ladies home and we went across the border get the bike gassed and stock on Ciggs.

before i know it, its already 7pm.
goodness, i had my 12hrs of sleep and waking up a freshed. (:

its goooood dream indeed .

911 signing off .


~ by khaicalypse on January 3, 2012.

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