its 3 more days till we earthlings have to flip our calendars to the next page.
and it seems to me that everything doesnt seem to be ready, i am not even half way to be ready to face 2012

waking up at 5pm is indeed refreshing as its my 2nd day of off from work.
tomorrow, will be just another day back in the office but forget the workload for now, ive a few more hours to enjoy this much deserve break.

waking up today with 3 different messages
Princess – shes going to some family trip cross the state line and dont know when she will be back -.-
Nadiah – goodness, she’s asking for my roster ( what a way to remember its my off day )
Hamid – asking for shirt money -.- ( get away jackass )

have no idea how’s today is going to be like but im sure its going to be a stay home kinda thing.
ever since i got back from LA, everything is pilling up but yet, i find staying home is the best routine yet. one thing is for sure, its cost effective.


most probably, its going to be a Walking Dead Marathon all evening long (:


~ by khaicalypse on December 29, 2011.

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