the new media

as to what i could recall, watching TV has been part of my daily routine ever since i gave the first cry. as to what i can recall.
Age 2 – 5 : Cartoon Network
Age 6 – 7 : Cartoon Network + Disney Channel
Age 8 – 12 : Discovery Channel + History Channel + National Geography + Friends + Simpsons ( strictly no cartoons )
Age 13 – 16 : Pimp my rides + MTV cribs + Sweet sixteen + Heroes + Prison Break + American Idols + most of the shows from MTV

from what i can list down here, Television has been part of my childhood and theres no good comeback for that. its inevitable.
but nowadays, i missed out watching TV for like 4 years now. what i meant was for 4 years of my life, i spend less than 24 hrs in front of the tele just to watch a show or something. which is weird but a commonality in this modern age.
the news are on the web, the tv shows are on the web. sports to motosports are on the web. documentary are on the web

absolutely anything, its on the web.

and for this 2 months ( Nov – Dec )
i’ve done alot of catching up on some of the best TV shows around.
and here it goes….

Prison Break ( season 1 to season 4 )

True Blood ( season 1 to season 4 )

and now im watching Walking Dead. but i aint so sure i would really do a follow up on this show as its like a typical zombie flick for me. the story line from the pilot episode is pretty much a cliche of Zombie flicks like Resident Evil and 28 Weeks Later and such
the only difference is that, its a tv show.
i dont know how are they going to pull it off in this one but i will tell you when im with Season 1

Walking Dead

 all i know, this few shows arent the only shows i would be indulging myself into. im opening up to myself a few more common tv names. perhaps 24 and Desperate Housewives.
i wish to have this new thing in me to watch TV back again, the only thing which change, is the medium of watching.

Apple TV / Macbook Pro FTW


~ by khaicalypse on December 28, 2011.

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